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Titan rack construction by WTF Galvanotechnik from Germany

Current-carrying rack components and contacts are produced of pure titan.


  • Preferably for small components in large-scale production
  • Medium rack size with a current demand of 1000 A per rack
  • With patented special contacts also for widespread components
  • For most anodizing processes suitable, except with fluoride-containing electrolytes and electrolytic dyeing
  • for high currents TiCu-contacts with special structured surfaces can be inserted


  • No stripping after every run
  • High density of equipping possible
  • High diversity of contacting options
  • Good handling
  • Short charging time
  • Less carry-over of electrolyte
  • Longer durability (as a rule extending over several years by right construction)
  • Good possibilities for repair work

Special racks

In addition to established rack forms we are specialised to produce special racks for particularly demanding parts. We develop, prove and manufact prototypes to large-scale production according to your request.

The pictures below show special titanium racks with auxiliary cathodes and a special contacting option with changeover contact applications.

WTF racks titan-rack
WTF racks titan-rack
WTF racks titan-rack
WTF Galvanotechnik
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