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Plasticcoated racks coated racks with contacts made of titanium

Construction: High-current-conducting aluminum alloy section with Soft PVC coating combined with contacts or exchangeable tiers made of pure titanium


  • Preferably for small components in large-scale production and high charging density
  • advantageous for high rack size with a high current demand per rack
  • in principle also suitable for widespread components, but with special contacts
  • For most anodizing processes suitable, except with fluoride-containing electrolytes and electrolytic dyeing


  • attractive price relationship to full titanium racks if there are higher currents conducted
  • less carryover of electrolyte
  • no additional aluminum input in electrolyte by the racks 
  • longer durability because of adapted coating
  • Especially also for anodizing for electrolytic coloring to use the spring effect of titanium (with contact ends made of aluminum). Only the Al contact ends are then replaced. This means that the complete Al racks do not have to be replaced all the time.
WTF racks plastic-coated-racks
WTF racks plastic-coated-racks
WTF Galvanotechnik
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